Glorifying His name through wood products

The Galilean

Our Mission

The short version here is simply to glorify the name of Jesus through wood products.

The longer version goes like this…

For many years I prayed about how I could raise my family responsibly, devoting the time it takes to be relevant as a Godly man for my wife and children, and the need I felt in my heart to do something more for my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Our family thought about mission trips abroad, leaving friends and family, for the desire to give those less fortunate the good news about the Savior of the world. But the more we reflected on it we knew there were plenty of friends and strangers here in western Montana who needed to hear the Gospel too. Through many circumstances that were solely directed by God, we came to the conclusion that He laid on our hearts to start a simple woodworking ministry that could reach people anywhere and still keep us available to minister to our friends and family at home.

This company is a sole proprietorship registered with the state of Montana. However we look at this as a ministry meant solely to glorify the Lord. All donations go directly back to His ministry. We encourage you to visit all aspects of this website, especially if you are a seeker of Truth. This venture was begun and will continue onward as a mechanism for us to use divinely created wood resources from public and private lands in western Montana and craft simple products that glorify Him.

There are more than a few limits to what we can produce for you, but just call, email, or drop us a line some other way and let me know what you’re thinking. We’ll work together on what it is you desire and I’ll put the rest in His hands to make the wood express the divine beauty of His Truth. It is my prayer that within the pages of this website, whether you decide you’d like me to craft something or not, that you take the time to read the topics we’ve posted and begin a journey of recognizing the need for God in your life. Enjoy the blessings and the precious little time we have together.