Glorifying His name through wood products

The Galilean

Why the Galilean?

I chose the name Galilean Workshop because I wanted it to reflect the humble beginnings of Jesus of Nazareth. Though Jesus wasn’t born in Galilee, He performed most of His ministry there and it was the area of His youth and a major backdrop in His ministry on earth. The name Galilean is sure to point most towards Him, and that is the point.

It is recorded in the Gospel of Mark as Jesus was visiting Nazareth and teaching the people in the synagogue, that the people became amazed at the wisdom with which Jesus was teaching. They asked among themselves, ‘Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary, and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon?’ (6:3).

I think it very humbling that the Savior of the world is recorded by many of his countrymen as being a carpenter, working with simple tools, crafting beautiful, functional products for the people of Galilee. And when it was time to be about his Father’s business, he set his face like a flint to Jerusalem where he took on the sins of humanity with his death on the cross.

Many people across the world have activities and places where they feel closest to God. Working with wood has always provided that for me. I personally fell all the timber I use for the Galilean Workshop. I then use my chainsaw and attach a small sawmill to the blade to cut slabs of wood that are further refined in the planing process. When I cut through the first slab of wood the beauty of the wood that is revealed when the bark is removed with the first slab is always remarkable.

The name Galilean is sure to point most towards Him, and that is the point.

Jesus’ ministry was free and non-discriminatory. The work I do for Him is also that way. I do not charge for my products, but happily take donations that will go directly to the continued efforts of the ministry. In short, just pay me what you think it’s worth. If you wish to just donate to the ministry without me crafting anything for you, that is fine as well. If you have no money to spend on a product I craft, that is fine too. The product is yours regardless.

As far as my craftsmanship goes, I am a sinful man, full of mistakes. My craftsmanship will reflect that. Fortunately, the perfect beauty of the wood He has created will far surpass any mistakes I make. I am not professionally trained, I just share what He has given me.