Glorifying His name through wood products

The Galilean

Sofa table and other fun projects

This sofa table was finished off by friends of ours who were just looking for something to welcome guests as they walk into their house, and also provide a useful place to drop some things as you come into the door. This project was a lot of fun and I really felt like they did a great job finishing the rough work I provided. These projects are truly meant for the recipient to make their own, and I think they did a great job with this piece.

Sofa table (finished)
Sofa table (unfinished)

This is how the sofa table looked after I sanded it a bit and tried to get some of the rougher edges off of it. The whole project was made from ponderosa pine, locally felled on the family property. The picture might be hard to see but the top had a beautiful blue stain to it and I left the front of it pretty rough and natural, with little planing to it.

Variety shelf

This was a fun little shelf to set up for my Mrs. and provide a little character to a large, open wall area so she could decorate it with seasonal items. This particular shelf is glued and screwed into the vertical wood pieces and set it about 1/2″, so as to provide plenty of stability, with no under supports. Of course the person who decorates the shelf is the one that really sets it off. Nice job honey!

Blanket ladder and softball cross

This has turned into an exciting annual project for us to support the University of Montana softball program. We’ve been building blanket ladders and softball crosses for them for a couple of years now and donating them at the annual winter banquet. We typically finish these pieces with a darker stain, although this year’s cross I went with a cherry stain (not pictured) and that seemed to create a nice effect as well. Go Griz!

Coffee Table Base

Coffee table base (unfinished)

This is a coffee table base I recently put together for a neighbor who wanted to keep the family heirloom which was the marble top. The ornate base was broken years ago and the top was heavy enough that I made a more practical, sturdy base with a utility shelf for magazines, books, crossword puzzles below.

Utility shelf

Utility shelf (unfinished)
Utility shelf (unfinished)

Here is a project I also recently finished for my father-in-law. He has been wanting a little shelf next to his grill for quite some time so I finally buckled down and built him a little utility shelf to provide needs for his grill station, and with the lower half, mask the two unsavory water lines going into his garage. Thanks for being a terrific father figure and leader of our church community Randy!

Miscellaneous Fun!

High-top table for grilling
Stair landing
Mountain landscape in infancy
Mountain landscape fully complete
Mantle for my sweetheart. Nice decorating honey!
Pantry Shelf for mom
Mom’s shelf in use!