Glorifying His name through wood products

The Galilean

Dressers and Cabinets

Dresser with natural stain and polyurethane coating
Same dresser (LEGO’s not included)

This was a dresser I built as I was losing my dad to cancer in 2017. I put a lot of hours into this and thought about him almost every minute. This dresser has been gifted to my oldest boy and was a very special project for me. Somewhere he will one day find the verse John 16:33 in the cavity of this dresser. The pine tree this dresser is made from started fading on our property in 2015 and I felled it the following spring. It was located on the last turn of our driveway, heading up to our house. Thank you dad for the gifts you gave me. Thank you for helping me keep my eyes up and seek truth in life. I love you dad and hope you enjoy this Colt Man!

Dresser with black walnut stain and polyurethane coating
Same dresser but different angle of top

This is a dresser I recently completed for my daughter, who had been waiting very patiently as her brothers had dressers, shelves, and cabinets built for them. I love you Emily! She picked out the handles. The stain is a black walnut stain from Minwax with a clear satin polyurethane. We decided to paint the body of the dresser white to enhance the effect of the stain on the drawers and top.

Bathroom cabinet (unfinished)
Bathroom cabinet (unfinished)
Bathroom cabinet (finished and mounted)

This is a cabinet my mom had requested for a while and I finally got to it and built it for her bathroom about six months before she sold her house after my dad died. And that is great because hopefully the folks who bought her place can now enjoy this piece as it provided some necessary storage and a decorative piece in a bathroom that needed a little more. To God be the glory and I love ya mom!

Bedroom cabinet

This was another special project for my youngest boy who was probably feeling a little left out after his big brother received a dresser. So Kaleb, it was your turn and I even got a picture of Michaelangelo in there for you as well. Figured you would like that!

This was made out of pine and it has one shelf inside providing large storage place for fun stuff like football helmets, footballs, and other big ticket items. The drawer was simple, rollerless pull drawer, where he could keep his playing cards and special rocks, shells, and other small items that youngsters love to collect. Man was he excited! I love you buddy.