Glorifying His name through wood products

The Galilean

The Bible said what?


As a Bible-believing Christian you will embrace your time spent in studying the scripture and also find yourself getting perhaps a little uncomfortable with some of God’s commands in the Old Testament and some of Jesus’s teaching in the New Testament. So are we to gloss over these sections and pretend they are not there, or relevant, or can we tackle some of these things head on and discern what the command is and why we should obey it? In some ways, if we deem some of these commands unpalatable, who are we to decide what commands are palatable and which ones are not? There are plenty of tough stories in the Bible that on the surface could call God’s goodness into question. God’s goodness, as we’ve already discussed, is paramount in understanding a large amount of what His nature entails. So what is our responsibility here and how do we face these narratives?

Please continue your patience with me as I build this sub-topic.